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small and lightweight action camera to install om helmet, on cars, bikes,
skateboards, ski's, aeroplanes and other brackets

Technical Data

Speed: 24-200 fps

Movement: Intermittent, 2 pulldown arms, 2 registration pins

Shutter: 120 degrees (fixed)

Film Spec: 16mm double perf (2R) .2944" or .3000" pitch on daylight spools

Power: 28VDC

Weight: 3.75 pounds including camera body and loaded 100 foot magazine

The 1VN is the smallest, lightest, fastest, professional motion picture camera ever created. The 1VN is a non-reflex camera with a C-type lens mount. Viewing through the lens for line-up purposes is accomplished using a boresight device that attaches to the camera in place of the magazine. Once the camera is locked in position the boresight is removed and the magazine is attached. There is no provision for viewing through the lens while the camera is running.

"An efficient, responsive, lightweight tool."
- Leslie Dektor, Director/Cameraman

"When shooting high speed sports action photography for Nike spots, I always include the 1VN as part of the standard package. The main thing I really like about this camera is that the images are really stable and rock solid - for a package that small you get a big picture. It is very dependable; we've had this camera in all kinds of positions all over the world from mountain tops to desert floors - with the 1VN you can shoot in places you'd never think you'd be able to go and always get great footage. The staff at Photo-Sonics has been great - they've always worked with me to accommodate my needs for a shoot."
- Gray Mayo, Director