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Ideal for filming slow-motion sequences involving liquid pours, splashing liquids, cereal pours, large explosion effects, car stunts, sports or any type of effect that may require optical or matte work.
Technical Data

Speed: 6-360 fps

Mount: BNCR

Movement: Intermittent, 12 pulldown arms, 4 registration pins

Shutter: 5-120 degrees (adjustable)

Film Specs: Standard 35mm, B&H perforations, .1866" pitch

Power: 208 VAC, single phase (200-250 VAC okay)
35 amps surge at 360 fps and 20 amps running

Weight: 125 pounds with loaded 1,000 foot magazine (not including lens)

The 4ER pin registered camera produces high quality, high resolution motion pictures with rock-solid registration at frame rates from 6-360 fps. The 4ER utilizes a Jurgens/Arriflex orientable viewfinder system with a behind-the-lens beamsplitter to achieve flickerless reflex viewing. The film transport utilizes 12 pulldown arms, 4 registration pins, and a vacuum pressure plate to hold the film absolutely stationary and registered during exposure. The 4ER is compatible with Unilux strobe lighting (mid-shutter pulse), as well as many Panavision lenses and Arri lens accessories.




Important 4ER Camera Technical Information

We enjoy your business and we would like to make the high speed portion of your shoot a trouble-free experience. Please be sure this information is forwarded to the appropriate crew members such as the Director of Photography, Gaffer and Camera Assistant.

* The shutter angle of the 4ER is variable from 5 to 50 degrees in 5 degree increments and from 50 to a maximum of 120 degrees in 10 degree increments. The Director of Photography and the Gaffer must be made aware of this, as it will affect lighting requirements. Using reduced shutter angles while running high frame rates will result in extremely short exposure durations, which may require compensation for reciprocity failure. The 4ER comes with an exposure compensation chart, which takes into account shutter angle, frames per second and the light loss for the reflexing pelical. This chart does not take into account reciprocity failure. Please review film data sheets to determine the amount of compensation (if any) is required.

* While the 4ER frame rates are extremely accurate, it is not a crystal sync camera and should not be used with standard HMI lights or to film TV or computer monitors.

* We recommend the use of a flicker analyzer to verify that your lighting is truly flicker free. It is also a good idea to check with the light manufacturer regarding compatibility with high frame rates.

* The 4ER comes standard with a BNCR lens mount. We have a variety of Canon, Zeiss and Cineovision prime lens packages available in focal lengths from 18mm to 135mm as well as a 300mm telephoto. We also stock the 10-1 Cooke zoom and Innovision Probe II lenses.

* The 4ER ground glass should be specified when ordering the camera. The standard ground glass (which is supplied by default) is etched with Standard Academy/TV Safe Action/1:1.85. We do not recommend changing the ground glass in the field. The camera lens mount is academy centered. If you are shooting Super 35 with a full frame centered ground glass, and a zoom is attempted during the shot, there will be a noticeable image shift.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 208VAC single phase, 35 amps surge, 20 amps running.

"The most impressive thing about Photo-Sonics cameras is their reliability. On GODZILLA and INDEPENDENCE DAY we had a lot of huge pyro shots and I cannot remember a single shot in which they did not perform excellently.
- Volker Engel, Visual Effects Supervisor