The Problem Documenting motion on film at 10.000 frames per second rquires an extraordinary amount of light At this speed you are working with an effective shutter speed of1/50.000 sec. Based on an ASA 400 film and a lens aperture of f 8 you need more than 200.000 footcandle (over 2 million lux) of light Lighting to accomodate this speed with halogen fixtures prcduces a huge amount of heat well above 200°C (above 400°F). Modem HMI and CI0 sources improve this light to heat ratio somewhat, but the optical path of a normal HMI fixture "even of a 12 kW HMI" will not produce enough of a light concentrathn needed for the example given above.

The Solution. .. dedocool

The dedocool utilizes a low wattage, low voltage lamp working in combination with a unique optical system and special reflector to concentrate an intense amount of light over a highly concentrated area. At the same time,two carefully matched heat reflecing filters and a transmitting mirror, route the heat through two forced air ventilators and out the back of the head. The result over short periods of time, heating of the "subject" is negligible if noticeable at all. Even after prolonged shooting sessions, ambient close range temperatures could best be described as "warm".

In the excample shown above, one dedocool alone produced light sufficient to meet the lumen requirements of the shot (222.000 f.c.), while reaching, after prolonged use, an ambient temperature of only 59°C (138°F) at 8 inches from the front of the light.

More than any other light source, the dedocool fulfills the need to provide close up, high intensity light, yet cool working temperatures for a broad variety of scientific, medical, and industrial film and television applications.