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In response to the demand for increasingly larger sources of light for both location and studio production, Lightning Strikes now offers our SoftSun product line. A daylight 5400º Kelvin lighting system, Softsuns are the largest single bulb light sources in the world. Available in sizes ranging from the relatively small 3.3K to the awesome 100K SoftSuns offer unique attributes to the most demanding Directors of Photography.

Treat yourself to the look of natural sunlight
from a soft wide source that wraps around an object
as it lights it without bounce or diffusion.

Save the Day

Use 5OK or 10OK in early evening to extend your daylight hours of shooting after the sun goes down to finish your location.

Remarkably Accurate Color Rendering

Offering extraordinary color rendering, SoftSun systems are especially useful for work that has critical color requirements & high frame rate cinematography. Lighting is free of extraneous color spikes-which means the color stays dean & true regardless of lamp age. Plus, the color remains constant even during dimming.

ESL Lamp

SoftSun ESL lamp emulates natural sunlight more accurately than other available lamp technology. Its color spectrum is smooth and even - ESL has none of the annoying color spikes of HMI lamps nor the limited spectral range of tungsten lamps. The ESL provides a CRI of 96 or better and features a 54000 Kelvin color temperature. There is no color mismatch lamp to lamp regardless of lamp age. Plus, an ESL lamp can be dimmed from 100% to just 5% output with no significant shift in color temperature (less than 100OK change throughout the range). Lamps are available from 3.3K to 10OK watts.

Instant Light

No warm up is required. Full power and full color temperature is achieved immediately - no waiting. Hot restrike is normally possible within one minute.

Safety and Convenience

SoftSun systems carry no explosion hazard and employ a shock isolated lamp assembly. The easy-to-use units feature effortless ready lamp access, plus flicker free, silent operation. All models are DMX controllable and offer digital dimming with digital readout.

Some of the features of SoftSuns are:

# Instant Start - Softsuns require NO warm-up time. They achieve maximum power and proper color temperature the moment they are struck.

# Fully Dimmable - SoftSuns are the ONLY daylight color temperature light source that can be dimmed throughout 97% of its range with minimal shift in color temperature (about 100º Kelvin throughout).

# Extraordinarily accurate color rendering - Built around our trademarked Enhanced Spectrum Long Arc lamps, SoftSuns color spectrum is smooth and even with none of the annoying color spikes associated with HMI or Tungsten lamps. The ESL provides a CRI of 96 or better and features a 5400ºK color temperature that doesn't vary from one lamp to another.

# A natural soft source - SoftSuns unique long bulb and reflector design result in a light source that begins as a soft natural light without the addition of diffusions to achieve the desired soft effect. No need to back the light off from its subject. The SoftSun beam is natural and usable a mere 1 foot from the source.

# Safety - SoftSun systems carry no explosion hazard due to the unique negative pressure bulb they employ. Shock hazards are also minimized by the shock isolated lamp assembly.

# Available in Flicker Free -SoftSuns offer a truly Flicker-Free source that will provide reliable service at any shutter angle or frame rate out to an astounding 20,000 Frames per Second.

# Built in DMX control